Admissions / Fees

Indira Gandhi Memorial High School Dum Dum believes, modern infrastructure are key to good academic results. Indira Gandhi Memorial High School Dum Dum being the second home, serve a number of purposes in a child's life. From team work, socialization and boosting their confidence to making them mature, career oriented, and capable of overcoming futuristic challenges.

The reality of educational systems proved by empiric evidence of having rooms and learning spaces in good conditions, with modern teaching methodologies, adequate child security, knowledge centric library, digital classrooms, highly qualified and experienced teachers, mentoring students helping them in making ideal career choices proving decisive for students to achieve the expected academic results. In other words, the conditions and facilities of the Indira Gandhi Memorial High School Dum Dum directly impacts the performance of the students.

Tuition Fees

Class Bi-Monthly
L. N. U.N & K.G Rs. 3520
Class I - IV Rs. 4900
Class V - VII Rs. 5300
Class VIII - X Rs. 5980
Class XII COM Rs. 7900
Class XII SC Rs. 8100
Class XII ARTS Rs. 6400

Transport Fees

Class Bi-Monthly
Upto 2 Kms Rs. 3000
Upto 5 Kms Rs. 3400
Upto 7 Kms Rs. 3600
Upto 10 Kms Rs. 3800
Upto 15 Kms Rs. 4800
Upto 20 Kms Rs. 5000

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