Indira Gandhi Memorial High School family extends hearty congratulations to the following students on their success in JEE MAINS in the year 2024 Conratulations and best wishes for JEE (Advanced) Prisha Banerjee Moulendu Das Arunika Biswas Suriya Roy Arnab Saha

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INDUSUBHRA DAS Class k.g -B Roll- 8 (UNIVERSAL YOGA SPORTS FEDERATION ) She won the 2nd place in the category sub junior group 5-8 Traditional yogasan .At Delhi

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Who we are

We have a great team from IT and education , who have years of experience in there respected field , all with a aim to provide a education which teaches the child to observe, understand and comprehend

What we teach

Education is not about learning alphabet,abacus and science, it is a tool which teaches us to be humans .For a Child education begins from home and then continues in a school setting.