Principal Message

Indira Gandhi Memorial High School


In today's world we need people who are alert and sensitive people who are the seeker of knowledge and wisdom. To-day Children need to start off early to match steps with or better still outpace the pace of development. The challenge before the teachers and parents is how we can educate our children according to the present day needs. It is possible by learning to know, learning to do learning to be authentic and learning to live together.

The institution under disposal epitomizes way of education that embraces the best of the east and the west the best of the modern and traditional to prepare your children to become genuine citizen. This is being achieved by our efforts to discover and nurture the special gifts embedded in each student and inspiring them to attain peak potential to face the complexities of life with courage and lead a discplined life. We aim to inculcate ethical and moral values in children by providing an appropriate moral and cultural environment so that their energy is harnessed to make them socially responsible citizens of the nation.

I call upon the teachers and the parents to join us in the endeavour to identify the talent potenitals of your children by our innovative pedagogy of educational system. Give our children the opportunity to excel in their chosen area of intellectual pursuit at the institution. --- Udai Raj Singh


With best wishes
Mr . Udai Raj Singh
The Principal
DumDum Indira Gandhi Memorial High School